Nola erabili auto kargagailua?


As mobile phones are used more and more frequently in people's daily lives, the problem of mobile phone charging has also become prominent. In order to cater to everyone, car companies basically have several USB charging ports in their cars. So how to use the car charger correctly?


Uneko auto kargagailuek zigarro-pizgailuaren interfazearen bidez hartzen dute eta USB interfazera bihurtzen dute irteerako.


When using, we only need to remove the cigarette lighter in the car and insert the car charger into the cigarette lighter interface. When we hear the sound of "click", it means that the car charger has been installed in place. The power indicator lights up.


When charging is needed, just insert the USB plug of the mobile phone data cable into the USB port of the car charger.